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EK Omnia Wins iF Design & UX Design Awards

Ek Omia Interface Dial

EK Omnia Wins iF Design & UX Design Awards

01. März 2024


What an incredible week for the Hemro Group and the Mahlkönig EK Omnia Allround Grinder - winning the iF Design Award and the Gold UX Design Award in the same day!


It’s an incredible achievement to be recognized by the prestigious design label, iF Design, alongside products like the iPhone 15 Pro. Out of nearly 11,000 entries from over 70 countries, our design stood out to a jury of 132 independent experts from all over the world. Their appreciation for EK Omnia fills us with immense pride and gratitude.


Celebrating the profound influence of experience design on our daily lives, the UX Design Gold Award recognizes excellence across all industries worldwide. As a non-profit design association, UX Design Awards sets a standard in our industry, and we’re honored to be acknowledged by this award.


"The jury’s decision to recognize EK Omnia as the best-of-the-best in the Spring 2024 competition was justified by its meticulous design, extensive user research, and the seamless fusion of physical and digital interfaces. Moreover, the use of high-quality materials, intuitive user guidance, and tailored automation for users of all levels were highlighted. Notably, the holistic approach towards repairability and waste reduction further impressed the jury." - UX Design Awards


Huge thank you to our amazing design partner, Imago Design, for their invaluable contributions in helping bring our vision to life!