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Hemro Group announces new Distributors worldwide

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Hemro Group announces new Distributors worldwide

13. Mai 2023


We are excited to announce that the Hemro Group has partnered with new distributors to expand the availability of our coffee grinder brands – Mahlkönig, Anfim, Ditting, and HeyCafé - and to provide exceptional service to even more customers around the world.


We are pleased to partner with BaristaEquip, Chris' Coffee, and Clark Core Services in the United States. BaristaEquip is a well-respected coffee equipment and accessories supplier, and they are the perfect partner to help us expand our reach for Mahlkönig, Anfim, and HeyCafé. Chris' Coffee has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry for almost 50 years, providing coffee equipment and supplies to customers from the East Coast, now including Mahlkönig grinders. Meanwhile, Clark Core Services is the leading distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment, serving customers nationwide with their online store, now offering HeyCafé.


For customers in South America, we have partnered with JAKSU in Argentina and Altatec in Paraguay. These two new Mahlkönig distributors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with high-quality products. We are excited to work with them to provide our customers with premium coffee grinders.


In Central America, we have expanded our Hemro Group partnership with Suministros Y Servicios in Honduras and Suministos Café in El Salvador to include HeyCafé. These two distributors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with high-quality products, business development, equipment maintenance, and training.


In Guatemala, we welcome SIDASA as a new distribution partner of all Hemro Group brands and expanded distribution of Mahlkönig and HeyCafé with Icoffee Solutions. SIDASA is a trusted equipment provider of over 40 years with extensive experience in installation, repair, and maintenance service. Icoffee Solutions brings an entrepreneurial spirit, providing consulting services along with coffee equipment and accessories.


We are happy to introduce Espressomat as our new distributor of HeyCafé and Mahlkönig’s X54 Allround Home Grinder in Spain. Espressomat is a well-established coffee machine manufacturer based in Barcelona that will help us reach more home baristas and expand our presence in the Spanish market.


G Tech SAS is our newest distributor of Ditting in West Africa. They are an established coffee equipment provider based in Senegal and will help us reach more cafés and coffee shops across the continent.


Anfim is delighted to partner with Stoll Kaffee AG in Switzerland, a well-respected coffee roaster since 1936, providing coffee devices and accessories. They are a family-run business with a passion for quality coffee, operating with sustainable business ethics.


In Sweden, Mahlkönig partnered with Primulator AB, a well-established coffee equipment and accessories supplier in Scandinavia and Northern Europe for 60 years. With their focus on providing qualitative products, reliable service, spare parts, training support, and the best possible customer service, they are the perfect partner to help us expand our presence nationwide.


HeyCafé is partnering with Röststätte Berlin in Germany, a distributor of espresso machines and grinders focused on innovative technologies. They will be available to support customers and advise on new projects in Berlin and Brandenburg.


Persian Cup is now a partner of Ditting in Iran. They are a high-quality coffee equipment and accessories supplier, offering the tools any coffee shop needs to make great coffee experiences.


We expanded our Hemro partnership with KEF Endustriyel, a leading supplier of industrial kitchen equipment in Turkey. With their experienced staff and after-sales service, they are the ideal partner to provide exceptional product solutions that now include Anfim.


In Uzbekistan, Mahlkönig and Ditting partnered with KMS Roasting. They are a highly respected coffee roaster and barista school in the region, experienced with modern production and first-class equipment.


Furthermore, we are partnering with Best Friend of Barista, a high-quality coffee equipment and accessories supplier developing the market in Ukraine. Known for their exceptional customer service and highly reputable certified service center, they will be the ideal partner to help us grow Mahlkönig and HeyCafé in Eastern Europe.


For customers in Romania, we have partnered with S.C. Coffeenativ Roastery S.R.L. to distribute Ditting. They bring a wealth of knowledge with high-quality products and care about all the details that go into making good coffee.


Last but not least, we partnered with Unicafé in Moldova, owner of the beloved coffee chain Bonjour Cafe. They will now distribute and provide maintenance for Mahlkönig grinders in the market, as well as use them for coffee service across all their cafes.


We are thrilled to welcome such trusted and experienced distributors in the coffee industry to our global network. These new partnerships will help us make all four of Hemro Group’s coffee grinder brands accessible to more people and provide customers with the best after-sales support and technical service. Thank you for your continued support of the Hemro Group, and we look forward to working with our new distributors to serve you better than ever.