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At all branches of the Hemro Group we strive for operational excellence. We rely on clearly defined processes and workflows at the product development and likewise at the purchase department, at the grinding discs production and at the grinder assembly lines. Within these structures, we remain dynamic and flexible in order to react optimally to any new challenge. At all times, we keep our focus on our high quality standards and on the satisfaction of our esteemed customers.


Production and Assembly

Our grinding discs production as well as our assembly lines are systematically aligned to the LEAN principles. Effective and efficient processes play centre roles at ensuring the competitiveness of our group of companies as well as of our future viability and of our opportunities for further growth. Our process stability reaches from the quality management with our suppliers over the production and assembly up to a 100% final inspection of all our manufactured products.This is how we keep up with the highest quality requirements.


Product Development

We follow the principles of interdisciplinary product development processes. All core functions of our companies get integrated purposefully at the development of new grinding discs and upcoming grinder generations. Our product management conveys the recent market requirements and customers’ demands into the development projects. Our team of experienced engineers translates these requirement profiles into innovative grinding solutions. Furthermore, we integrate our suppliers at an early stage and take advantage of the comprehensive know-how within our supply chain.

At customizing projects, the respective clients get involved into the process in order to assure targeted product developments. The tailored solutions evolving from these projects get integrated into our supply chain and into our standard assemblies. So, even editions with smaller quantities benefit directly from our established and reliable processes and structures.

The results of our operational excellence are innovative and trend-setting new products of the highest quality, that inspire customers throughout the international coffee industry.