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Creating quality coffee moments for every kind of café, roaster, retailer, and home barista across our brands.


The King of Grinders

Mahlkönig proudly carries the crown inside its logo, a symbol of its place and position in the coffee equipment industry. For baristas and coffee shops around the world, Mahlkönig is the first name in premium coffee grinders.


Since 1924, Mahlkönig has continuously raised the bar in coffee grinding through industry-leading innovation and technology, high-quality products, and a pioneering spirit.



Built to Last

Ditting is the ultra-reliable grinding solution for roasters, labs, shops, and cupping rooms that need precise volume grinding and technical perfection over the long-term.


As the global leader in customized built-in grinders for sophisticated fully automatic coffee machines, Ditting continues to dominate the industry by being one technological step ahead of the competition. 


Flavour at Heart

Anfim is the Italian standard for espresso grinders, trusted by thousands of cafès and restaurants around the world who want the craftsmanship and flavour of espresso’s homeland.


Manufactured in the heart of Milan, each grinder is designed with a deep passion for traditional espresso culture, uncomplicated functionality, and aroma-saving features to deliver the best in performance and flavour.



Smart Grinding

HeyCafé is the go-to brand for coffee shop startups and rising entrepreneurs. With premium burrs designed and manufactured in Germany, these grinders deliver impressive coffee quality at unparalleled value for money.


Bringing together simple interfaces and grinding range options from espresso to filter, HeyCafé makes coffee grinding solutions accessible and affordable for any budget.